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Block of the Month 2024-2025

Quilting By Design is excited to be running the Block of the Month for the third year in a row! Join us each month to see what is new in the store, hear about what events and classes are going on, and get the pattern and fabric to make an entire quilt block

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We have had so much interest in the Block of the Month this year, we have added additional sessions to make it more accessible for everyone.
You can come the second Wednesday or Thursday each month, 9:30am, 2pm or 7pm. You can switch it up month to month, you do not need to commit to a time slot for the entire year. There are only 200 spaces available this year so make sure that when signups open, you don't wait too long to pull the trigger!

We have been getting a lot of questions about some of the specific details, so here are the answers to some of our most asked questions.

Q: Do I need to bring my sewing machine?
A: No you do not! The meeting every month is not a class. You come to the meeting, hear about what is new in the store and what new classes/events we have coming up, and leave with the pattern and fabric to make two 8" quilt blocks

Q: As little as $15? What does that mean?
A: To sign up for the $15 Block of the Month, you pay the base fee of $15 (+tax). That gets you on the list to receive the first block. After the meeting you go home and make the block. DON'T lose it though because you need to bring it back with you to next months meeting. The next month you bring your completed block to the meeting, show me that you finished it, and get the next block for free. IF you don't make the block, forget it at home, or don't come to the meeting (for any reason) the only way to get the next block is by paying another $10 (+tax). You may not send your block with a friend to pick up your block. YOU need to be physically present at the store during one of our 6 meetings each month to receive the next block for free. 

Q: When are the meetings?
A: We meet on the second Wednesday and Thursday every month, at 9:30am, 2pm & 7pm (starting September 2024). You can come to any of the meetings, you don't need to commit to the same slot for the entire year. If one month you come on Wednesday morning, but the next month it works better to come Thursday evening, that's totally fine!

Q: What does the quilt look like?
A: We like to keep an air of mystery, so we are revealing the quilt, block by block. Similarly to last year there will be multiple finishing options for the quilt that will be revealed in Aprils meeting. Each finishing kit will be an extra charge, so you can pick one of those options, or get the creative juices flowing and do a one of a kind design! The image below will give you a good idea of what to expect to be sewing, though this exact block is not in the quilt.

Want to try out this block? Get the free pattern here!

Q: I live too far away to come every month. How can I participate?
A: If you live too far away to come every month, but still want to join in on the fun, you can purchase your block each month to be shipped. We are shipping blocks  for $10/month + $15 sign up fee ($115 + tax). You will receive all the fabric for your blocks in September, and all the patterns will arrive digitally in your email each month.

Q: What about the snow?
A: We do have a snow/inclement weather system in place. We will reschedule the block of the month if the school busses in Waterloo Region are cancelled for the day. We will not reschedule if the school busses in a different region are cancelled (there are simple too many regions to keep track of). In the case of a snow day, the meeting is automatically rescheduled to the same day the following week. I keep a close eye on the weather leading up to our Block of the Month meetings, and try to send out an email and social media notifications as early as possible if we are going to postpone the meeting.